Letter C – Clara Caterpillar


Read the C page in Dr. Seuss’s ABC book. Emphasize the /c/ sound by saying c-c-caterpillar. Ask what other things start with /c/ sound?
Read Clara Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan Edwards. Invite students to listen for the /c/ sound and to also look for big C and little c in the book. When finished, asked the kids what words they heard or saw that start with C.

Arts-Infused Activities

Reading/Sensory – Ss make a big C and/or little c by drawing the letter in the air. Then students collaborate to make a C with their bodies. Next they make a C with cookies (or candy, crackers, carrots). They can follow a printed letter pattern if needed, or can do it on their own. They put the cookies on top of the letter to become familiar with the shape of the letter.
Reading/Art – Make a letter C and caterpillar combined!
C is for caterpillar and this one is adorable! Make your own preschool alphabet book with these free printables!
Other books that repeat the /c/ sound: 
Click Clack Moo
Please feel free to add to my list!

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